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Club Assignments
Yearly Club Assignments
Club Competition Rules
Livonia Camera Club Competition Rules
Club Constitution
This document governs the Livonia Camera Club
Club Contacts
Livonia Camera Club Contacts
Club History
The Livonia Camera Club has been around for over 45 years. These documents are some of the past news letters and assignments.
Club Important Fact Sheet
A collection of key LCC facts in simple-to-understand language as a reference for new and established members alike.
Club Meeting Schedule
Livonia Camera Club List of Meeting Dates
Club Point Totals
Club Member Point Totals and Levels
Club Print Results
Livonia Camera Club Print Competition Results
Club Year End Results
Color Creative Highlights
This document highlights the most important requirements for images entered into the Color Creative catagory.
Competition Schedule
Livonia Camera Club Competition Schedule
GDCCC End Of Year
Location for GDCCC's movie file for digital prints of the year
GDCCC Nature Definition
This document is reproduced from the GDCCC website. It defines the content of an image in order to qualify for LCC and GDCCC Nature competition.
Printing Information and Print Labels
Remote Judging Instructions
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